We're not like the others.

Keakie is a new streaming platform for mixes, podcasts and radio shows.

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Discover the world’s music.

We have completely reimagined the listening experience to put discovery at the forefront. Experience the best that global music has to offer, whether that’s a specific sound, local scene or your familiar favourites.

We don’t stream tracks. We tell stories.

We got tired of searching through playlists, skipping songs and listening to the same music on repeat. So we brought together a community of DJs, tastemakers and storytellers who produce high quality mixes, radio and podcasts. It’s a new way of doing things.

Hand picked by us.

You no longer need to trawl through the depths of the internet to find what you’re looking for. All shows on Keakie are hand-picked by our team, ensuring a level of quality that immediately sets us apart.

Stop playing it safe.

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*There is no catch.